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Da Nang Asian Film Festival (DANAFF), scheduled to be held from May 9th -13th 2023, is organized by the Vietnam Film Development Association (VFDA) in coordination with Da Nang City People’s Committee as well as other relevant agencies.

1. Film Festival Goals

  • Selects and honors excellent cinematographic works, rich in human values, with new discoveries and unique artistic expression.
  • Encourages emerging talents in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Widely introduces to the public new & high-value Asian and Vietnamese cinematographic works

2. Organizers

  • Chairing and directing: Da Nang City People’s Committee
  • Organizing: Vietnam Film Development Association (VFDA), Department of Culture and Sports of Da Nang City
  • Companions: departments, branches, agencies of Da Nang City & relevant organizations.
  • Coordinators: Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema/NETPAC,  Vietnamese and international agencies and organizations

3. Date & Location

  • The Danang Asian Film Festival will be held for the first time in May (9th – 13th May, 2023) as an Annual event.
  • Location: Da Nang City
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony – Awarding Ceremony: Live broadcast on Vietnam Television (VTV), relayed on Da Nang Television Station and other TV stations.

4. In-competition films

a. Asian Film Award Category: includes feature-length films (over 70 minutes) from cinemas in the Asia-Pacific regions, films co-produced between countries/regions in which have a country/territory in the Asia-Pacific regions. The film must be produced from January 2021 to January 2023).

b. Vietnamese Film Award category: includes Vietnamese feature films produced from January 2021 to January 2023. The film must have been licensed for screening in Vietnam.

c. A Film Selection Committee is established by the Organizing Committee for the categories of Asian Films, in-competition Vietnamese films and non-competition films.

5. Non-competition films

a. The program “Vietnamese Cinema Today”: Vietnamese films produced in 3 years (2020, 2021, 2022), licensed for screening, selected by the Selection Committee.

b. Screening program “Focus on Japanese Cinema”: a selection of excellent Japanese films of feature length.

c. The screenings of films from famous partners and guests of world cinema (Decided by the Organizing Committee).

d. Outdoor film screenings.

6. Awards within the framework of the Da Nang Asian Film Festival

a. The Asian Film Award category is decided by the Asian Film Jury, including:

  • Best Film – $5,000 (equivalent to 115 million VND)
  • Special Jury Prize – $3,000 (equivalent to 69 million VND)
  • Best Director Award – $2,000 (equivalent to 46 million VND)
  • Best Actor Award – $2,000 (equivalent to 46 million VND)
  • Best Actress Award – $2,000 (equivalent to 46 million VND)
  • Best Screenplay Award – $2,000 (equivalent to 46 million VND)

b. The category of Vietnamese Film Award is decided by the Vietnamese Film Jury, including:

  • Best Film – 70 million VND
  • Special Jury Prize – 40 million VND
  • Best Director Award – 20 million VND
  • Best Actor Award – 20 million VND
  • Best Actress Award – 20 million VND
  • Best Screenplay Award – 20 million VND

c. The NETPAC Award for excellent Vietnamese film is decided by the NETPAC Jury, selected in the Vietnamese Film competition, without any prize money.

d. The Audience’s Choice Award for Favorite Vietnamese Film voted by the audience participating in the screenings of “Vietnamese Cinema Today” pogram, without prize money.

7. Conferences

a. Workshop 1:“Developing Film Industry – Building a favorable filmmaking environment in Da Nang”

b. Workshop 2: “Japanese cinema – successful experience and direction of cooperation with Vietnamese cinema”

8. The “Talent Incubator” workshop:

Basic and advanced acting classes for students selected via casting rounds in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh, guided by foreign experts.

9. Entry registration and submission materials

  • Film Entry Form (online on;
  • File on USB storage medium, DVD, Bluray, link to the film or any Digital format for preview (final version);
  • English subtitles.
  • Film trailer;
  • Promotion materials, posters (image files) and other materials (text file);
  • Film synopsis in Vietnamese or English (under 100 words, text files);
  • Biography, filmography and photo of the director
  • Biography, filmography and photo of lead actors and/or actresses
  • Film registration deadline: before February 28th 2023.
  • Film entries are free for all participants.

The above-mentioned materials are to be sent to the following address:

Office of Vietnam Association for the Promotion and Development of Cinema

32 Hao Nam, Dong Da, Hanoi

Ms. Thai Hong Ngoc

Phone/zalo 0982329292,


10. Film Selection

The Organizing Committee holds the right to make final decision on films selected for competitions and other sections of the Award, inviting films and guests participating in the Award, before March 31st 2023.

11. Guests Invitation

a) Organizing Committee provides return airfare and accommodation to:

  • Guests of films in competitions: 1-2 guest(s) (director and leading actor/actress)
    • Jury Boards
    • Conference guest speakers
    • Workshops’ guests
    • Vietnamese and international celebrities invited to the Awards Ceremony.
    • Organizing Committee’s special guests

c) Self-funding guests:

Organizing Committee will provide assistance where possible (regarding invitation, entry visas, hotel booking…) for other guests who wish to attend.

d) Guest registration deadline: before March 15th 2023.

12. Jury Boards

          a. The Jury of the Asian Film Award category

          b. The Jury of the Vietnamese Film Award category

          c. The NETPAC Jury

13. Insurance:

Copies of films selected for the Festival will be insured throughout the period during which they are in the Festival’s custody.

In case of loss or damage of the films, the Festival shall reimburse an amount, which does not exceed the standard value of a copy made in Vietnamese lab.

14. Other provisions:

  • Ownership and archiving rights of submission materials:

The Festival holds the right to keep all the film materials for preview and related materials for archiving. The Festival also holds the right to transfer all these materials to a library which will preserve them in original formats while building a digital storage system for reference use. The Festival will not release any film without written consent of the legitimate copyright holders.

  • Screenings:

Screenings of particular film in proper programs and date will be scheduled by the Organizing Committee. After being selected, the film will not be allowed to withdraw from the Festival or participate in other international film festivals in Asia prior to the commencement of the Festival.

15. Terms of compliance:

  • The Producers, distributors and authorized representatives of submission films should ensure that they fully comply with the law on film copy right when sending films to the Festival.
  • Organizer has right to use images, sound, scores and other documents of films for organizing the events within the film festival.
  • Individuals and organizations accepting to send the submissions to the Festival have to comply the above regulations of the Festival.

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